Zelfin is an independent publisher of books, video, audio, and multimedia based in the Atlanta Metro area in Lilburn, Georgia. Our mission is to publish works that inform, challenge, and inspire. We partner with authors and artists who have created works toward realization of that goal. Zelfin follows a hybrid publishing business model which permits authors to retain a strong contributing voice while being fairly compensated. This permits leveraging the best available talent toward publication of works of the highest quality and lets the author focus on the creation of new work.

We work with teachers and college professors on publication of textbooks and workbooks for their classes, providing much higher royalties than might be realized through traditional publishers. If you are an experienced homeschooler who has developed comprehensive lesson plans, those can be published as books and you can earn substantial royalties from their sales.


In non-fiction, works on ecological, political, business, marketing, and art subjects are of interest. A good fit is a well written manuscript on a topic of interest to a niche group. It should explore that topic at depth. For example, a marketing title directed at a specific industry or specialty would be of greater interest to members of that industry or specialty than a general marketing title. An art book teaching a process or some aspect of the process will be of interest to those interested in learning that process. Memoir and biographic works on those who have led particularly colorful lives or who have accomplished something of great difficulty are also of interest. Works on unexplained and UFO phenomena will be considered providing they present well considered and cogent discussions of factual accounts. We are not publishing or considering children’s books at this time although a biographical work that is inspiring to children at the junior high to high school level would be of interest.

For fiction works, we are looking for series in the areas of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and romance. Building a following for your series will be important to its success. This is accomplished primarily via marketing and social media.

Zelfin provides audio recording facilities for production of audio books. Contact us regarding the conversion of your book to audio. This can greatly impact the marketing success of your book. Authors are expected to and should be prepared to participate in promotional efforts for their books.

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